About Us

About J-Rex

J-Rex was founded in 1976, formerly known as ShinFa Metal Industry, and is a professional sports training equipment manufacturer and supplier. With over 40 years of experience in Taiwan, we possess rich metalworking and plastic injection expertise. Our main products include soccer goal frames, goal accessories, and other related training equipment

In the international market, J-Rex has long-term partnerships with over 20 brands from Europe, North America, and Asia. Our core value is to consistently provide stable, high-quality, and safe products. We have an excellent team for product manufacturing and quality control, along with precision processing equipment. For more details on our products and services, please click here.

Manufacturing processes 

  • Metal: Raw Materials ➙ Forming ➙ Welding ➙ Electroplating or Baking paint ➙ Assembly ➙ Packing ➙ Export
  • Plastic: Raw Materials ➙ Injection ➙ Printing ➙ Assembly ➙ Packing ➙ Export


J-Rex is a reliable sports equipment OEM factory. Client needs are always our priority. We develop customized items actively to meet our client's needs, including plastic, rubber, metal, and textile(color, logo, and packaging are all customizable). Additionally, we also have the ability to manufacture products directly from client-provided design drawings, ensuring that each product is tailored to specific requirements.

* For additional customization information or questions about how to get started, email us at service@jrexsport.com.

Excellent Quality, Continuous Innovation, Building Successful Partnerships